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Slots with a high RTP are said to be a better choice than the games with a lower RTP. But how do you understand the RTP, Return to Player Percentage? It is important to know just what this measure is and what it is really telling you before you base your decisions on it.

RTP is Return to Player Percentage

Casino games are programmed to give a certain percentage as payouts to players. It will never be 100% since this would not leave the casino with any income from the game. But today you can find slots online with RTP that gets very close to 100 sometimes as high as 98% and more.

When a slot machine with a Spin & Go function has an RTP of 96%, it means that it will pay out 96 cents for every dollar that is bet on it. But it does not mean that you will get 96 cents back on every dollar you play with. This is crucial to understand.

The random number generator gets into the picture

To understand why we can’t win back the RTP on every bet, we must understand the nature of slots online. These games work with an RNG, Random Number Generator. That means that we can never know when the next win will come or how big it will be.

One player could win five games in a row. He bets 50 cents and wins close to a million dollars on the games! Now, where is the RTP in this story? The RTP is still at work and the slot is paying out according to its program. But this is a good example of how one player could reap all the 96% of all other players that bet on this slot during the past few months.

Someone will win

If you understand the RTP as a number that gives you an idea of how much the slot will give back in the long term, you can use it as a factor when choosing slots. Someone will win money on the slot. It could be a lot; it could be a little. It could be you!

Does the RTP matter at all?

Yes, this number matters. It isn’t more important than the theme and bonus effects on the slot. But it should be something to consider when choosing a game. If you see that a slot machine has an RTP lower than 90%, you might want to opt for something else. If you would like to read more, check out this link, casino related maths.